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Here at Royal fine foods, we know the importance of ensuring growing children get fresh daily milk!


We also acknowledge that you require more than just Milk, thats why we offer a complete solution for your Dairy, Eggs and associated food products.


From Nursery to College, from Primary to University, we can cater to your requirements. 


Let us take the pain out of moving, ensuring a smooth transition from your current supplier!

School Milk Subsidairies Scheme

The scheme subsidises the cost of milk, certain milk products and yoghurts for schoolchildren in England, Scotland and Wales.


This means that the products can be sold to schoolchildren at a lower price. Schools must offer drinking milk before they can supply other eligible milk products or yoghurts.

Schools, local authorities, suppliers or other organisations can claim for the subsidy.


In England, Scotland and Wales the scheme is run by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).

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Telephone: 03300 416 500

School Milk Subsidy Team
Rural Payments Agency
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